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Switchboard provides free, personalized technical assistance to refugee service providers

This includes staff of state agencies, resettlement agencies and affiliates, ethnic community-based organizations, and others in the United States who currently receive funding from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). We provide remote technical assistance using web-based platforms, and, when feasible, may also deliver in-person training. Not sure what technical assistance is? Watch our short video 

Tell us how we can support you! To submit a request, complete the form below. Switchboard may be unable to respond to every request. We prioritize requests that have clear, achievable learning objectives, a strong likelihood that learning will be put into action, and the potential to reach a large number of refugee service providers. Not sure your request is a good fit? Other questions? Email us! 

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Technical Assistance Request Form
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Only service providers based in the United States are eligible to request technical assistance.

Only organizations that currently receive funding from the Office of Refugee Resettlement are eligible to request technical assistance.

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What You’ll Need

1. Contact information

Share your direct contact information and details about your organization.

2. Request information

Please share more specific information about your request. This includes your desired subject matter, timeline, format, and number of staff members receiving training or consultation.

3. Learning objectives

Share the reasons you are requesting assistance, what you specifically want to learn, and how you hope to put this learning into action. 

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