Archived Webinar: Trauma-Informed Care: Movement Towards Practice

Archived Webinar: Trauma-Informed Care: Movement Towards Practice

This webinar was presented by Beth Farmer, Senior Technical Advisor, Safety, Education and Wellness, IRC and Sasha Verbillis-Kolp, Consultant, Sasha Verbillis-Kolp Consulting Services. 

Refugee service providers work with individuals and families who have experienced significant trauma. This webinar gives key insights on defining trauma-informed care within the refugee context and adopting trauma-informed practices on the individual and organizational levels. 

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to: 

  • Define trauma awareness and recognize it through practical examples;
  • Describe principles of trauma-informed care in practice; 
  • Name at least two strategies (individual and agency-based) that nurture trauma- informed programming; and
  • Discuss the role of cultural considerations in trauma-informed care.

Navigate this webinar with the timestamps listed below: 

0:00 – Introduction to Switchboard

2:16 – Introduction to Speakers and Webinar Objectives

4:18– What is trauma?

16:15 – What is trauma-informed care?

34:12– Trauma-informed Care in Practice

1:02:36 – Recommended Resources

1:03:52 – Q&A

Date: January 15, 2020
Language(s): English
Target Audience(s): Service Provider
Author(s): Switchboard
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