Podcast: Supporting Newcomer Youth In Schools

Podcast: Supporting Newcomer Youth In Schools

Welcome to the Switchboard Podcast. Switchboard is a one-stop resource hub for refugee service providers in the United States, funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement. We provide resources, trainings, communities of practice, and programmatic assistance for programs funded by the ORR.

This episode features a conversation with Rob Callus and Madina Masumi, two of Switchboard’s training officers. We discuss ways to support newcomer youth in schools, how schools can become welcoming spaces, and share stories of previous obstacles and triumphs while working with newcomer youth. 

Topic(s): Child, Youth, and Family Services
Subtopic(s): Child and Youth Education
Population(s): Asylees, Refugees
Resource Type: Podcast

Date: May 25, 2023
Language(s): English
Target Audience(s): Service Provider
Author(s): Switchboard
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