Guide: COVID-19 Information for Newcomers

Guide: COVID-19 Information for Newcomers

NRC-RIM partnered with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to create a booklet highlighting the most important information about COVID-19 information for new arrivals to the United States. It covers a number of topics, including:

  • The importance of staying up-to-date on vaccines
  • Other mitigation measures like masking, social distancing, and air circulation
  • Options for COVID-19 testing
  • What to do if you get sick
  • Staying safe while traveling
  • Accessing healthcare in the United States

To accommodate readers who rely on a more oral tradition and readers of all literacy levels, each page of the booklet includes a QR code that directs to an audio recording of the content on that page. 

Translations are on the way in the following languages: Amharic, Karen, and Rohingya.

Topic(s): Health
Subtopic(s): COVID-19
Population(s): Immigrants, Refugees
Resource Type: Guide

Date: March 27, 2023
Language(s): English
Target Audience(s): Newcomer
Author(s): National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM)
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