Responding to a Mumps Outbreak Impacting Immigrants and Low-English-Proficiency Populations

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This study sought to examine outbreak response-associated costs, lessons learned, and challenges encountered during a mumps outbreak in Chester County, Pennsylvania in March-July 2018. The outbreak primarily affected an immigrant community, some of whom spoke little or no English and were uninsured and/or undocumented. This necessitated an urgent response from the Chester County Health Department, which implemented a variety of public health interventions, including outreach to local health care providers and the execution of vaccination clinics at 2 local mushroom farms where case contacts worked. The authors conducted semistructured interviews with individuals directly involved in the response to the mumps outbreak and analyzed outbreak response-associated cost data.

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Koeller, S., Meyer, D., Shearer, M. P., Hosangadi, D., Snyder, M., & Nuzzo, J. B. (2020). Responding to a Mumps Outbreak Impacting Immigrants and Low “English-Proficiency Populations. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 26(2), 124-130.

About This Study:

Outcome(s): Emergency Preparedness
Intervention(s): Disaster and emergency preparedness services
Intervention Duration: Not specified
Relevant ORR Program: Ethnic Community Self-Help Program, Preferred Communities, Refugee Health Promotion
Study Type: Suggestive evidence
Full Text Availability: Paid
Direction of Evidence: Positive impact
Strength of Evidence: Suggestive
Gender(s) of Participants: All
Age(s) of Participants: Adults
Region(s) of Origin of Participants: Central America, North America, South America

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