Efficacy of Psychological Interventions on Depression Anxiety and Somatization in Migrants: A Meta-analysis.

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Many studies reveal the effectiveness of different psychological interventions on the adult refugees reporting mental health distress. Aim of this metanalysis was to test the efficacy of different psychological treatments on the depressive, anxiety and somatization symptoms on refugees and asylum seekers. Fifty-two studies, since 1997 to 2019, were included in the systematic review and 27 of those were included in the metanalysis. Studies providing a pre and post-treatment methodological design were included. All treatments reported significant effects on the three outcomes. Qualitative observations showed a probability to have a significant pre-post treatment effects on trials with outcome of depression (56%), anxiety (44%), and somatization (42%). Cognitive-behavioral treatment resulted the most effective treatment. The status of refugee compared to the status of asylum seeker seems to have a great effect on the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Sambucini, D., Aceto, P., Begotaraj, E., & Lai, C. (2020). Efficacy of psychological interventions on depression anxiety and somatization in migrants: A meta-analysis. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 22(6), 1320-1346.

About This Study:

Outcome(s): Anxiety Reduction
Intervention Duration: Various
Relevant ORR Program: Refugee Health Promotion, Refugee Support Services, Targeted Assistance Grant Discretionary Program, Wilson/Fish
Study Type: Meta-analysis
Full Text Availability: Free
Direction of Evidence: Inconclusive or mixed impact
Strength of Evidence: Strong
Population(s): Refugees
Gender(s) of Participants: All
Age(s) of Participants: Adults
Region(s) of Origin of Participants: Multiple Regions

Relevant Evidence Summaries:

The evidence was reviewed and included in the following summaries: