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Guide: Rainbow Bridges: A Community Guide to Rebuilding the Lives of LGBTI Refugees and Asylees

Author(s): ORAM
Date: October 31, 2012
Topic(s): Community Engagement
This manual seeks to improve the resettlement integration model used for LGBTQI+ refugees and asylees by providing community and faith-based groups with the knowledge they need to help refugees build new lives in the United States. It shares ORAM’s knowledge, experience, and observations in partnership with several supportive communities.

Tip Sheet: Answering Difficult Questions

Author(s): Project SOAR
Date: September 9, 2011
Topic(s): Community Engagement
Subtopic(s): Media and Communications
This tip sheet reviews strategies for answering difficult questions, including leading questions and questions to which you don’t know the answers.
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Tip Sheet: Housing and Community Integration

Author(s): Mercy Housing
Date: August 13, 2009
Topic(s): Community Engagement, Housing
This tip sheet describes how housing and community integration mesh and build on one another. It provides suggestions to help encourage integration in refugee housing environments. The tip sheet discusses why community engagement is important in the context of refugee housing, who should be involved in community integration, and how community integration affects refugee housing …

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Tip Sheet: Finding and Preparing Refugee Clients for Media Interactions

Author(s): Project SOAR
Date: February 13, 2008
Topic(s): Community Engagement
Subtopic(s): Media and Communications
This tip sheet provides suggestions on identifying clients who may be interested in participating in media interviews and offers guidance on how to prepare clients for positive media interactions.