Video: Your Mental Health and COVID-19

Video: Your Mental Health and COVID-19

This four-part series focuses on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes the following animated videos:

  • Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 –With fears growing during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to recognize signs of increased stress and anxiety and learn how to manage it.
  • Maintaining Your Mental Health During COVID-19 – Our mental health isn’t something that we can turn on and off. A healthy mind requires consistent upkeep, just like a healthy body. It’s important to know strategies you can incorporate into your life to maintain a healthy mind before a crisis hits.
  • Strategies to Cope With Stress During COVID-19 – As anxiety surrounding COVID-19 continues, we should be aware of the symptoms of heightening stress and know how to respond. These coping mechanisms can help you immediately manage your emotions when you feel stress increasing.
  • Thinking in a Different Way: Dealing with Stress During the Pandemic and Beyond – This video is to help you understand how you can change your thoughts when you cannot change the things that are happening around you. By changing how you think about a situation, you can actually feel better and that can result in more helpful actions or behaviors (even though the situation stays the same).
This video series was created through a partnership of The Refugee Response, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, Johns Hopkins University and the United States Agency for International Development.

Topic(s): Health, Mental Health and Wellness
Subtopic(s): COVID-19
Resource Type: Video

Date: May 28, 2020
Language(s): Arabic, Burmese, Dari, English, Kachin, Karen, Kirundi, Pashto, Russian, Shan, Spanish, Swahili
Target Audience(s): Newcomer
Author(s): RefugeeResponse
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