Archived Webinar: Racial Justice in Humanitarian Work Session 1: Introduction

Archived Webinar: Racial Justice in Humanitarian Work Session 1: Introduction

The Racial Justice in Humanitarian Work series, presented by the IRC in Boise, is a monthly large group learning experience, interspersed with small group reflection sessions applying the learnings to our day-to-day work. The sessions study systemic racism in the U.S., histories and lived experiences of people new to the U.S., how each of us fits into those stories individually, and how we can improve our culture of service to refugees and immigrants. Sessions will feature a mix of history, reflection, culture panels, and art & music appreciation.

Session 1, hosted on December 11, 2020, introduced the organizers and focused on three topics: Self-Love While Serving Refugees and Immigrants, Trauma and Healing in Brave Spaces, and Values for All Racial Justice Sessions. Links to recordings of each topic within Session 1 and more information can be found below. 

Introduction to the Racial Justice Series: Meet the organizers and learn how you can join series planning.

Self-Love While Serving Refugees and Immigrants: Hear refugees and immigrants working in refugee resettlement reflect on creating a foundation of self-love, ranging through cultivating positive understandings of self through body image, understanding the work as being connected to an individual sense of faith, recognizing and resisting Eurocentric standards of beauty, recognizing the strength and independence of every person, especially the people we serve, setting boundaries, and creating mindfulness practices.

Trauma and Healing in Brave Spaces: Hear three licensed Social Workers from Tidwell Social Work Services and Family Medicine Residents of Idaho teach about:

  • Tools for taking care of yourself if you experience trauma
  • Recognizing trauma within refugee and immigrant experiences
  • How to support people experiencing trauma and
  • How trauma is part of how people form perceptions of history, identity, our places in society & meanings of race.

Values for All Racial Justice Sessions: Check out what session participants brainstormed in small group discussions as the most important values to bring to future Racial Justice sessions.  These shared values will be revisited during future sessions.

Topic(s): Mental Health and Wellness, Organizational Development
Subtopic(s): Self-care
Resource Type: Archived Webinar

Date: December 11, 2020
Language(s): English
Target Audience(s): General Public, ORR-Eligible Population, Service Provider
Author(s): International Rescue Committee (IRC)
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