Video: COVID-19 Testing FAQs

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Video: COVID-19 Testing FAQs

This video answers questions about COVID-19 testing, such as: If I am not sick, why do I need a test? I have heard doctors are injecting people with COVID-19; is this true? I have heard the test is very painful; what can I expect? How much does it cost? Will my insurance pay for this? How long will it take for me to know if I am positive or negative for coronavirus? And what happens if I am positive? If I miss work because of a positive test, how will I pay my bills? 

By providing accurate responses to these common questions, this video helps to address myths, misinformation, and disinformation.

Topic(s): Health
Subtopic(s): COVID-19
Resource Type: Video

Date: July 7, 2020
Language(s): Arabic, Burmese, English, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Nepali, Pashto, Spanish, Swahili, Ukrainian
Target Audience(s): Newcomer
Author(s): RefugeeResponse
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