Rapid review of evidence for basic digital skills

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This study was a rapid literature review of evidence and learning in relation to following key criteria: (1) Statistics and trends on digital inclusion across the UK (looking at issues of confidence and motivation, access and affordability, and basic digital skills); (2) Identification of the key issues and barriers facing particular groups of people that relate to digital exclusion; (3) Learning from recent projects and programmes which have aimed to tackle digital exclusion; and (4) Indications of the economic and social benefits of tackling digital inclusion and building basic digital skills.

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McGillivray, D., Jenkins, N., & Mamattah, S. (2017). Rapid review of evidence for basic digital skills. University of the West of Scotland.

About This Study:

Intervention(s): Varies
Intervention Duration: Varies
Relevant ORR Program: EthnicCommunity Self-Help Program, Matching Grant, Preferred Communities, Refugee Career Pathways
Study Type: Systematic review
Full Text Availability: Free
Direction of Evidence: Positive impact
Strength of Evidence: Strong
Gender(s) of Participants: All
Age(s) of Participants: Multiple Age Groups
Region(s) of Origin of Participants: Multiple Regions

Relevant Evidence Summaries:

The evidence was reviewed and included in the following summaries: