Fostering better integration through youth-led refugee sponsorship

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World University Service of Canada (WUSC) participates in private sponsorship as a sponsorship agreement holder through its Student Refugee Program. More than ninety campus-based constituent groups known as WUSC Local Committees resettle approximately 130 refugee students to Canadian post-secondary institutions each year. This article seeks to assess the effectiveness of the Student Refugee Program’s youth-to-youth sponsorship model in integrating former refugees into their receiving communities. We outline the impact of the Student Refugee Program upon its beneficiaries, the important role youth volunteers play in supporting their integration and building more welcoming communities for newcomers in Canada, and the effect of the program on receiving societies. We conclude with recommendations for scaling up the program in Canada and sharing the model internationally

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McKee, C., Lavell, L.-A., Manks, M., & Korn, A. (2019). Fostering better integration through youth-led refugee sponsorship. Refuge, 35(2), 74

About This Study:

Intervention(s): Host Community To Refugee Mentoring
Intervention Duration: 1 year
Relevant ORR Program: Refugee Support Services
Study Type: Suggestive evidence
Full Text Availability: Paid
Direction of Evidence: Positive impact
Strength of Evidence: Suggestive
Population(s): Refugees
Gender(s) of Participants: All
Age(s) of Participants: Adults
Region(s) of Origin of Participants: Multiple

Relevant Evidence Summaries:

The evidence was reviewed and included in the following summaries: