Financial outcomes of interventions designed to improve financial capability through individual development accounts: A systematic review.

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Purpose: Driven by a desire to improve the financial well-being of lower-income households, financial capability interventions are gaining attention in practice and public policy. IDAs are a financial capability intervention designed to build family assets through incentivized savings. Method: This systematic review focuses on financial capability interventions that provide Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), a restricted-used savings account paired with financial education. Eligible studies included financial education and a matched saving account to be used for a financial asset purchase. Results: Three large research projects with multiple studies and one additional unique study published through May 2020 were eligible for study inclusion. Results suggest that, thus far, there is mixed evidence on IDAs effects on financial behaviors or financial outcomes. Conclusion: Our review suggests the need for additional studies that use rigorous research designs that investigate the IDAs effects on financial behaviors and outcomes.

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About This Study:

Outcome(s): Financial Capabilities
Intervention(s): Individual Development Accounts
Intervention Duration: Various
Relevant ORR Program: Individual Development Accounts
Study Type: Systematic review
Full Text Availability: Paid
Direction of Evidence: Inconclusive or mixed impact
Strength of Evidence: Strong
Population(s): Other
Gender(s) of Participants: All
Age(s) of Participants: Adults
Region(s) of Origin of Participants: North America

Relevant Evidence Summaries:

The evidence was reviewed and included in the following summaries: