Strengthening What Works: Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities

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Eight organizations received funds, training, and technical assistance to help them evaluate their intimate partner violence prevention programs and to build their capacity to evaluate other programs in the future. An evaluation of the practices across all of the programs was conducted to understand the implications for other intimate partner violence prevention efforts. The eight grantees evaluated 11 different projects. Most projects evaluated under the program focused on reframing social and cultural norms away from tolerating or justifying intimate partner violence and towards developing healthy relationships. Most organizations reported positive changes in the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of program participants. They also reported some limited changes in participant behaviors.

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (2014). Strengthening What Works: Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities.

About This Study:

Intervention(s): Group
Intervention Duration: Various
Relevant ORR Program: Ethnic Community Self-Help Program, Preferred Communities, Refugee Health Promotion, Refugee Support Services, Youth Mentoring
Study Type: Suggestive evidence
Full Text Availability: Free
Direction of Evidence: Positive impact
Strength of Evidence: Suggestive
Population(s): Refugees
Gender(s) of Participants: All
Age(s) of Participants: Multiple Age Groups
Region(s) of Origin of Participants: Multiple Regions

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