Applying a Strengths-Based Approach to Job Readiness & Career Counseling

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This self-paced course is designed to combine a theoretical introduction to strengths-based employment services with practical tools and activities that will help you put theory into action. In this course, you will work your way through a learning pathway linking together interactive e-learning content, short videos with perspectives from clients and practitioners, and downloadable resources. Fictional and real-world case studies from refugee service programs are integrated throughout, and quizzes will test your knowledge as you proceed.

This course will benefit employment staff looking to improve their approach to job readiness and career counseling services, as well as rapport-building with clients during the service period. It will take approximately three hours to complete. This course reviews and expands on  Switchboard’s e-learning module Introduction to Strengths-Based Employment Services. You may take that course first, particularly if you are new to strengths-based employment services or would like a refresher on foundational concepts, but note that this course will include the same content. You may pause and return to your place in this course at any time without losing your progress. After finishing this self-paced course, you will earn a certificate of completion.

After completing this three-hour self-paced course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate a strengths-based approach to employment services
  • Work with clients to identify and leverage strengths in the pursuit of self-sufficiency and career goals
  • Collaborate with clients on employment strategy and decisions
  • Use job readiness activities to increase client confidence and equip them to independently pursue career goals

Looking for a quicker course? Complete Switchboard’s 25-minute e-learning module: Introduction to Strengths-Based Employment Services.

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