Community Engagement

Giving Thanks As We Approach World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day has always been a moment to recognize and amplify the experiences of refugees from around the world. As we prepare to observe World Refugee Day in the midst of a global pandemic, Switchboard is particularly grateful for the courage and resilience of refugees in the United States who are working tirelessly to keep us all safe.

Using Data to Tell Program Stories…Without Putting Your Audience to Sleep

Many of us don’t think about how we might communicate out our project data until the reporting stage, when we are required to look back on data and summarize it for a reader. Or conversely, given the vast extent of data many projects collect, we might be tempted to flood our communications materials with facts and figures.

Sharing Refugee Stories to Build Community Support

Are you looking to increase local support for refugees in your community? Supporting refugees to tell their stories is a powerful way to put individual faces and voices to the resettlement experience. There are many innovative ways stories can facilitate strong connections that demonstrate how resettlement benefits everyone in the community.

A Round-up of Resources on Community Engagement

World Refugee Day may have passed, but now is the time to continue the conversation! Switchboard’s resource library hosts a wide range of community engagement resources, including new materials developed by Switchboard on community resource mapping and leveraging community feedback. If you’d like customized support on community engagement, consider submitting a technical assistance request to …

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