Carrie Thiele

Carrie Thiele is a non-profit and workforce development consultant and writer who lives in Denver, CO. With a background in refugee resettlement and integration (having spent several years at the ECDC African Community Center in Denver, CO) Carrie has contributed her expertise to several learning resources developed by Higher (the former ORR refugee employment TA provider) and more recently has worked with Switchboard to develop economic empowerment resources including the 2019 information guides “Supporting the Career Pathways of Female Clients” and "Promoting Your Clients’ Financial Wellbeing.”

Carrie Thiele

Remote Job Readiness Resources for Clients with Lower Levels of Digital Literacy

We recently published a blog post on Virtual Job Readiness Resources for Clients With Online Access. But how are agencies continuing job readiness training when participants don’t have access to technology or lack digital literacy skills? This post includes job readiness resources for supporting clients without online access and/or digital skills, informed by strategies refugee service providers have begun implementing nationwide.

Job Development During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is having a profound impact on the way we live and work. During this time, many service providers are working remotely to provide job readiness training to clients in addition to helping some clients apply for unemployment insurance and other benefits. But what about job development? Should you be helping clients obtain employment during this time, and if so, what does job development look right now?

Resource Round-up: Workplace Safety for Essential Workers

While some of our clients have experienced difficult layoffs or furloughs, others are continuing to serve our communities through their daily work. Essential workers range from child care providers and healthcare professionals to grocery store staff and meatpacking employees. How can we support the wellbeing of clients who must work?

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Remote Job Readiness Resources: Tips and Materials for Clients with Online Access

As we continue practicing social distancing amid COVID-19, you may be wondering how to stay in touch with your clients and continue job readiness training. While you may not be able to resume your job readiness classes in person for some time, there are many online resources you can share to keep your clients engaged and focused on their career paths. This blog post provides suggestions tailored towards clients who have computers or smartphones, internet access, and higher levels of digital literacy.

5 Ways to Support Your Clients’ Financial Wellbeing

Connecting clients with jobs is essential to their self-sufficiency, but it’s not the only way to promote economic security and success. Economic mobility and long-term integration can be improved by establishing broader economic assets such as a credit score, home equity, checking/savings accounts, post-secondary education, retirement savings, and access to tax services. To learn more, …

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