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A Round-up of Resources for Serving Afghan Evacuees

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Updated September 14, 2021.

In July 2021, the U.S. government initiated Operation Allies Refuge to quickly admit and resettle individuals from, and in, Afghanistan who have worked for, or on behalf of, the U.S. government.  See the Department of State’s website for updated information about this evacuation.

The resettlement network is working to support Afghan evacuees by providing available benefits and services, including those funded by ORR. This blog post lists resources you may find helpful in serving these clients, including resources in Dari and Pashto.

Federal Policy and Resources

Cultural Orientation

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  • CORE, Responding to Increased Arrivals from Afghanistan – This post includes tips on preparing staff and volunteers, answering questions, using trauma-informed and strengths-based approaches, and more.

  • CORE, SIV Stories: Starting Anew in the United StatesThis video series, available in English, Arabic, and Dari, is meant for Afghan and Iraqi SIV applicants who do not routinely have access to Cultural Orientation overseas.
    • Working with Your Resettlement AgencyResettlement Manager Razan Osman explains resettlement agency services and how long support will last. She also advises on how to work with resettlement agency staff in order to start one’s new life in the U.S.
    • Ahmad and FriendsAhmad arrived in Charlotte, NC without any existing ties in the U.S. He now works two jobs to provide for his family and played a key role in creating a supportive community of Afghan immigrants in the area.
    • Jalal and FamilyJalal had worked as a translator, instructor, and deputy project manager in Afghanistan. But he knew that he would have to “start from zero” in the U.S., so he quickly pursued training to work in the insurance industry.

  • CORE Resettlement Navigator (CORENav)Available in Dari, CORENav includes video, audio, and written resources on topics such as employment, housing, education, resettlement agencies, health, community services, rights and responsibilities, learning English, money management, transportation, and cultural adjustment.

  • CORE Settle In Mobile App, available in Dari, includes interactive learning opportunities across many content areas.

Resources Related to COVID-19

The National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM) has produced materials related to COVID-19 prevention and vaccination, including many in Dari and Pashto. See their new page: COVID-19 Resources for Afghan New Arrivals.

Economic Empowerment & Digital Inclusion

  • IRC, Refugees@Work 2.0These employment skills videos, available in Dari, include Answering Customer Questions, Elevator Pitch, Professional Communication/Talking to Your Employer, Interview Skills, Reading Customers, and What is Customer Service in the US? They are designed to be used in a class setting.

  • IRC, Financial CapabilitiesThese videos, available in Dari, include Financial Resilience and Credit, Setting up Online Banking, and Filing Taxes Online.

  • IRC, Digital Literacy BasicsThese videos, available in Dari, include Phone Basics and Using the Internet, How to Use Zoom; Understanding Accounts, Logins, and Passwords; Using an Email Account; and Sharing Your Screen.

Child, Youth, and Family Services

  • Colorin Colorado! How Schools Can Partner with Afghan Refugee Families – This resource provide recommendations on how schools can effectively partner with families who will be arriving from Afghanistan in the coming months. It also shares lessons learned from schools already partnering with this community.

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