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How to Talk With Clients about COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Youth

Encouraging young adults to get the vaccine and encouraging parents to get it for their eligible children have both become major priorities. This blog post has tips and resources from NRC-RIM that can support you in navigating conversations about COVID-19 vaccinations with young adults and parents.

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Does Self-care Really Matter to My Health or Identity?

Protecting ourselves from overwhelming stress is similar to staying healthy in general: the familiar advice to eat right, exercise, and maintain good sleep patterns is important to follow. But resilience from stress is also reliant on nurturing our relationships, work life and hobbies, material safety, and values. This blog post offers some tips to help you do this.

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Resource List: Creating Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ Clients

In recognition of Pride, Switchboard has compiled this resource round-up. It includes materials designed for organizations and case managers serving LGBTQ+ clients, including how to create welcoming environments, ensure use of inclusive language, and address the unique needs of this population.

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Reflections on World Refugee Day

For over 20 years, we have observed World Refugee Day annually on June 20th. This year is no different as refugee resettlement agencies, allies, and community members continue to support and welcome refugees to the United States. As we approach World Refugee Day, we encourage you to pause and reflect on the lives and experiences of refugees. Ask yourself why you started the work that you do – reset your intentions and commitment to the work that you do each day to support refugees in their journey to rebuild their lives.

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How to Maintain a Community-Centered Approach While Developing Vaccine Messaging

As COVID-19 vaccination rates plateau, it is vital to put clients at the center of the work. It is critical to hear directly from the community to develop tailored health messaging that is contextualized in the lives of the people with the lived experience. This blog post includes tips for receiving this detailed information and maintaining a community-centered approach while developing vaccine messaging.

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Resource List: Confronting, Reporting, and Healing After Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

This blog post includes resources to help address the growing crisis of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes, including: resources for service providers to educate themselves and confront the rise in hate incidents; resources on the intersection of bias and COVID-19; multilingual resources for Asian-American Pacific-Islander (AAPI) individuals to report hate incidents; and resources on supporting clients following traumatic experiences.

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Persevering during Times of Transition: Beyond Inviting Refugees to the Table

As part of a series of interviews about leadership during transition, I recently spoke with two refugee service leaders about the importance of engaging the refugee community during challenging times. Engaging clients is a key component for success responses, but refugee leaders are often excluded from important parts of developing and executing programs. How can service providers do better?

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Responding to Questions and Concerns about the COVID-19 Vaccine, Including During Ramadan

This blog post features tips and resources to help refugee service providers address questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine. It includes customizable communications templates and campaigns, responses to common client questions, videos addressing concerns about vaccines and Ramadan, and more!

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Persevering during Times of Transition: Lessons from Leaders across the Resettlement Field

Strategic and everyday tactical leadership is critical to any organization, but confronting change as a leader can require new and different approaches. I recently interviewed leaders from several sectors working within refugee resettlement to learn how they had confronted the challenges of the past years. This blog post includes several areas of action based on their strategies.

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Leveraging Volunteers Remotely during COVID-19 to Support Ongoing Economic Integration

With the economic and health crises that came with COVID-19, many service providers were forced to shift priorities with clients. To ensure we did not lose sight of our long-term integration work with clients, we utilized the greater community, including volunteers, to support clients with professional development, professional networking, and complex financial systems navigation. This post provides ideas for leveraging volunteers remotely to support ongoing economic integration for refugees and asylees.

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