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Ramadan 2022: Help Clients Observe the Holy Month with Health and Safety in Mind

Ramadan Mubarak! Muslims observing the Holy Month are eager to spend their nights breaking fast, reciting the Quran, praying nightly in congregation (for “taraweeh” and “qiyam al lail”), and connecting to their spirituality. This blog post shares how you can promote better public health to clients, so they can more safely enjoy Ramadan.

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Supporting Afghan Clients’ Food Needs during Ramadan

This blog post suggests ways that refugee service providers can help meet the food needs of Afghan clients who are observing Ramadan while living in temporary housing.

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The Workforce System and American Job Centers: Valuable Resources for Refugee Resettlement

This blog post includes information about the American Job Centers (AJCs) and how service providers can support their clients in accessing federal, state, and local employment services.

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COVID-19 Trending Topics: Omicron, At-Home Tests, and New Guidance

With the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, COVID-19 remains at the forefront of our minds and those of our clients. Read this blog for the latest in resources and guidance from the National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM) that you can share with clients and review yourself to further your understanding of recent COVID-19 guidance.

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Fundamentals of Equity and Resettlement: Lessons from a Panel Discussion

This blog post includes perspectives from Isabelle Darling, Refugee Mental Health Clinical Lead, National Partnership for Community Training; Fasil Aragaw, Refugee …

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Are Your Programs and Services Evidence-Based? Implementation Science can Help!

Many resettlement agencies want to design and deliver more evidence-based services, but providers often struggle with putting available evidence into action. Guidance from the field of implementation science can help address this challenge. This blog post defines implementation science, it includes tips for how to get started, and a case study from the Kentucky Office of Refugees (KOR).

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A Roadmap for Employers Hiring Afghan Newcomers

As employment staff around the country assist Afghan newcomers with finding their first U.S. jobs, preparing job candidates for interviews is only one part of the process. Employment staff will need to consider that many companies are new to hiring this population and will also need guidance on how to prepare their HR teams to welcome this new workforce. This blog post shares tips for hiring Afghan newcomers.

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What Can We Do to Protect Clients and Staff? Tips for Getting Started with Safeguarding and Protection

When it comes to preserving safety for both clients and staff, there are many terms you might hear. This blog post reviews two key terms, safeguarding and protection, that relate to service providers’ roles in ensuring the safety of clients and staff.

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Man receiving vaccine

From Pediatric Developments to Employer Mandates: Five New COVID-19 Vaccination Facts to Know

Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be overwhelming to keep up with current vaccine recommendations and requirements. This is especially true for staff in resettlement agencies, community-based organizations, and public health departments who are working tirelessly to support clients. This post shares easy-to-remember facts from the National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM) that enable staff to answer common questions clients may have.

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A Collection of Resources for Onboarding New Refugee Service Providers

This blog post, written in partnership with Cultural Orientation Resource Exchange (CORE), shares resources for new refugee service providers organized by topics such as case management, understanding refugee populations, equity and inclusion, mental health, and more.

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